FGR 300

The new and improved FGR 300 is the very essence of front fork technology. Fully packed with technical solutions and experiences from MotoGP and World Superbike. Improvements over the FGR 200 includes a more robust design and increased adjustment possibilities.

The FGR 300 is further fine tuned as development never stands still in racing. The outer tube is now reinforced making the FGR 300 stiffer and more robust. Adjustments are easier to carry out with coloured adjustment wheels for compression and rebound in a nice and improved design, as well as a click setting function on the preload adjuster. The new 3,5 mm bleed valve also gives a larger adjustment range. The smaller piston rod diameter gives an improved dynamics inside the fork.

Even though the FGR 300 is longer, now 750 mm long, weight has been saved with a changed piston rod diameter and shorter reservoir tubes. The FGR 300 of course comes loaded with the very latest TTX 25 Pressurized Technology. With all these changes the new racing front fork from Öhlins has improved top class performance with improved brake support and tire feel when riding.


> Pressurized TTX25 Cartridge Technology > New stronger outer tube top
> Longer, lighter design
> Improved adjustment features

> Full engaged top out spring as an option