FGRT Ducati Diavel

As soon as the Ducati Diavel hit the market it was clear this was something new. Aggressive style and looks combined with a high riding capacity and great cornering abilities. Öhlins decided early on to develop an aftermarket shock absorber for this bike, a shock absorber that has met great reviews since the launch. But one thing was left missing, testriders wanted a front end to match the improved rear end.

Now Öhlins proudly presents a front end upgrade as well. The base is Öhlins popular Road&Track front fork but it has been modified into a wider more beefy version. The 48 mm front fork also comes loaded with Öhlins very latest NIX30 technology inside. Spring preload adjustment is done from the top cap.

Compression and rebound are easily adjustable with rebound in one leg and compression damping in the other. This new front fork improves an already great bike even further. The new front fork gives a big improvement in tire feel, brake support and general handling of the bike.

To complete this great Diavel upgrade the new front fork is launched in a new black colour scheme to fit the Diavel style even better. But don’t worry, it’s still the original gold inside!