TTX36 EC Mechatronics

Following Öhlins succesful introduction of Mechatronics on OE bikes such as the Ducati 199 Panigale S and Multistrada 1200 S, the time is here to launch the first aftermarket Mechatronics shock absorber. The first application out is the TTX36 MKII EC for the Kawasaki ZX 10 R.

Working with sophisticated algorithms and based on the experience and success from World Superbike in 2008, Öhlins R&D put it all to work to reach the best possible performance on track but also comfort when commuting on normal roads to work or on the way home from that perfect track day.

The hardware used is the successful Öhlins TTX36 MK II shock absorber used in racing as well as the ultimate aftermarket upgrade to street bikes. It has been coupled with advanced software continuously monitoring the riding behavior, how the bike responds to that riding style as well as chosen power modes. It uses all this information to make instant changes in click settings as you ride.

The result is a shock absorber instantly set-up for your riding style at the moment. If you chose a high power mode and go hard on the throttle or on the brakes the shock will be in the perfect click setting for that style. If you want a sport set-up, ride like a racer and you’ll get it. And when the riding is calmer, for instance when on the road back home, it instantly reacts to that and reacts with a more comfortable setting.


> Öhlins TTX36 MK II technology
> No cavitations risks
> Perfect traction and stability on the track and on the road > The latest software and ECU developed by Öhlins Racing > Reads data and controls the shock instantly, reading riding style and bike behavior
> Interacts with Öhlins OE steering damper on
the Kawasaki ZX 10 R 2013
> Fits both models from 2012 and 2013
> No more click settings headache, Öhlins ECU does
the job for you
> New Electronically Controlled (EC) adjusters
> Manual spring pre-load adjuster
> Manual ride height adjustment possible

This is possible thanks to the chat between the Smart Öhlins ECU and the bike control units. The details are the secrets of Öhlins. The result is obvious for anyone riding it. The promise is simple, this is the best semi active system currently available. It will also work together with the OE mounted steering damper from Öhlins available on the 2013 ZX 10 R.