Andreani Pressurised cartridge Kit

Andreani Factory Fork Cartridge Kit – The new Andreani pressurised factory cartridge kit is born directly from racing. It is assembled and developed internally by the Andreani R&D testing department. Their specific intention is to create a new system to improve front fork performance, improve the smoothness of the fork, to encourage the development of motion and buoyancy and to reduce the unsprung weight of the fork.

There are many technical feats overcome by this new hydraulic system design. Pressurisation combined with careful study of the profile of the piston and all moving parts inside the cartridge has eliminated the risk of oil emulsion. Increased sensitivity on the compression and rebound circuits offering 30 different damping positions. Eliminated risk of cavitation. The unique new top cap design offering the possibility to vary the distance between the range of 5 mm. Reducing the weight of the fork by 5% with purpose designed materials. Shafts are made from extruded aluminum 7075, diamond hard anodised to 50 microns thick and honed using dedicated tools. Cartridge case is made from extruded hard anodised aluminum 7075 to 350 microns thick and honed internally. All internal components including pistons and compensators are made from hard anodized aluminum 7075 to 30 microns thick.


  • Increased compression adjustment with 30 positions.
  • Increased rebound adjustment with 30 positions.
  • Spring preload adjustment
  • Comes with springs to suit rider weight
  • Extremely lightweight
  • High quality, CNC machined, anodised aluminium components which creates less wear and more reliability.
  • Pressurised system for consistent damping and eliminated risk of cavitation