Kawasaki ZX-10R Race SCU


Tired of tank slappers on track?
For racing and advanced track day riding Öhlins offers a Race SCU to give the OE mounted electronically controlled Öhlins steering damper a race setting.
The steering damper is semiactive and reacts on speed as well as acceleration and deceleration. With this Race SCU the damping values are higher in tough conditions.
If mounted together with the rear electronically controlled shock absorber (KA 040), this SCU also controls the shock absorber in a semi active way, constantly varying the damping settings in real time to best suit the rider’s needs. Together with the improved steering damper performance, this provides the ideal platform for any rider who wants to reduce their lap times while making the experience easier than ever before.

This allows the rider to apply the throttle with more confidence, especially out of slower corners, reassured that this extra stability will prevent head shakes and tank slappers. It can also make the experience of riding at race pace less physically demanding, reducing rider fatigue during the course of a track session.



Plug and play
> Race setting for aftermarket EC shock absorber and steering damper
> Semi active technology by Öhlins
> Not for highway use