An updated 46 mm shock absorber from Öhlins, perfectly suited for 85CC bikes and OE applications.

There’s always been a 46 mm off road shock absorber in the Öhlins line-up but for 2013 it’s been updated with new valve technology and some retuning by Öhlins R&D. The result is the newborn Öhlins STX 46.

Compared to previous 46 mm models the STX is updated in many areas resulting in a developed dynamics of the shock absorber the rider will be able to feel and giving the rider a better function in every way possible.

The two way compression adjuster is new and similar to the Öhlins TTX shocks for the larger bikes. 40 clicks low speed adjustment and 3 clicks high speed compression adjustment leaves nothing more to wish and creates a great performance. The PDS – Progressive Damping System – function has also been updated to better control the forces the shock absorber is subject to. Rebound damping adjustment is also available as well as spring pre-load adjustment. A wide range of springs is as always available to chose from.


> Our new 85 cc shock
> New 2 way compression adjuster
> 40 click low speed, 3 click high speed
> Improved dynamics, equals better function > Updated PDS function