The TTX36 has brought bikes and riders to the podium and to the winners circle many times and has been an obvious choice for winners’ bikes. Now the latest experience from MotoGP and WSBK can be on your bike too. In 2012 this successful shock absorber was released in a MKII version, and the performance step taken then, continues in more applications for the MKII shock also in 2013.

The dynamic behavior is improved thanks to reinforced TTX tubes, new piston and piston band.
Check valves are improved in terms of opening force and closing forces and each and every part has been under the sharp eye of our engineers.

The result is a shock absorber with the latest developments from Öhlins, all learned from experience in MotoGP and WSBK.


> TTX-technology – no cavitation risk!
> Improved traction and grip
> Less hysteresis, improved dynamics of the shock absorber > Better ground contact and tyre feel thanks to less hysteresis, improved dynamics of the shock absorber
> Integrated hydraulic preload adjuster (if it fits on
the bike geometry)
> New design of the adjuster housing
> Wide adjuster range
> Completely separated functions for rebound and compression damping
> All adjustments are done on the cylinder head of
the shock absorber