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2021 – WP XACT PRO range


XACT PRO 7548 motocross forks

  • Limitless damping performance due to a unique valving system
  • More comfort and bottoming reserves when using harder set-ups
  • Outstanding damping behaviour in all driving situations
  • Made to measure for every customer
  • Made of the highest quality materials and coatings
  • Developed in close collaboration with current World Championship riders
  • Lightweight construction
  • All adjustments made externally
  • Unlimited opening up of WP Cone Valve reduces harshness
  • No shims, therefore no loss of damping because of bent shims

XACT PRO 8950 motocross shock

  • TXN adjuster guarantees, more rebound damping and more control
  • Bladder improves the ride and makes it smoother
  • You feel more confident and you have more comfort
  • You feel more grip traction of the rear wheel, you accelerate faster
  • The rider experiences much less physical strain


XPLOR PRO 7548 enduro forks

  • Lightweight construction
  • More comfort when using harder set-ups
  • All adjustments made externally
  • No sealing surface so minimum drop of pressure after valves opens
  • Unlimited opening up of WP Cone Valve so harshness reduced
  • No shims, therefore no loss of damping because of bent shims
  • HQ coating

XPLOR PRO 7746 enduro shock

WP TRAX Shock Absorbers are the most innovative shock absorbers
on the market. The TRAX unit is a very compact system in the
bottom of the shock, which significantly improves the traction of the
rear wheel. This system has been successfully implemented by the
Factory Racing department and many World Championship titles
prove how effective it is.
The TRAX system has been developed in order to reduce the time after a bump where acceleration of the motorcycle
is not possible because of the slow rebound of the rear wheel.
The TRAX system registers when the rear wheel has no ground contact and immediately opens an oil bypass so that
the rear wheel can return to the ground faster than is possible with a conventional system, ultimately allowing for
improved traction and acceleration.