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  • BMW F800GS Ohlins Upgrade

    Ohlins shock fitted at last..... thought i would share my experience with you. For those thinking of a similar Mod...

    Rode about one and a half hours to FTR Suspension (Full Travel Racing Suspension) Bury St Edmunds in Suffolk. On the way was a direct Route A12 then A14 and wheeled in my shiny not so new Toy and left it with them whilst we enjoyed a breakfast at a local truckers Cafe!

    Returned a couple of hours later to see them putting the front wheel back on and making adjustments. One guy (Toby) held the back up while another (Kevin) took a measurement from ground then again at self support and adjusted accordingly. We then had a coffee with the guys and a chat.

    Compared to the standard shock, the Ohlins has the top preload adjustment and a clicker dial at the bottom for rebound. Then it was time for the test ride! Would the braking and acceleration be better? Would these single components that keep us in contact with the ground make a huge difference? Would this lengthen my tyre life?

    Wheeled my bike out of their work shop...

    Threw my leg over the seat and just sat there, I immediately felt the difference! Took it for a circuit of nice tarmac, empty roads with a series of roundabouts, what a difference, it’s like a different bike. Combined with the progressive front springs and rear upgraded Ohlins, the braking and acceleration felt more precise, firmer, controlled & smoother. Forks didn't dive and seemed slower and more controlled whilst braking and then accelerating out of bends, nothing was lost or wasted and much more precise.

    The guys at FTR are a nice bunch and they cater for all bikes on and off road. They had some nice off road toys in the workshop including quads and dirt bikes.
    Set the sat nav to ride home avoiding Motorways and major roads on the 170 mile round trip. It was a good ride with good company and we missed the rain!
    In summary am I pleased? smiley1 smiley1 smiley1 smiley1 smiley1 smiley1 smiley1
    I have been thinking about this Mod for ages reading bits and bouncing ideas off people. Thanks to all at FTR for a good service and for the extra stickers to feed my sticker fetish!

    Dean Clarke, Essex
    BMW F800 GS Owner
    FTR Suspension OhlinsBMW F800 GS OhlinsBMW F800 GS Ohlins
    Dean Clarke BMW F800GS
  • Ohlins Front & Rear Upgrade - BMW R1200 GS

    I went to FTR on Friday to get front and rear Ohlins on my 1200GS. They were there early, answered my dumb questions and made sure that I was happy with what was happening. The owner, Kevin, has a background in WP Shocks and has been involved in the racing scene for years. Just chatting generally to him about his business gave me a good feeling about the whole process.

    I was dropped off in Bury St Edmunds for a stroll and they arranged that I could phone back for a lift or they would let me know when it was done and then pick me up. (As it was a nice day I chose to walk back, approx 2 miles).

    They started on the bike at 0900 and were done at 1215. I had a quick test ride, asked more dumb questions which were answered fully, and then I was on my way. I took a route home that stayed off the M-Way as much as possible and covered about 150 miles back to Reading.

    Ok that's the story of what happened. What about the result? A very definite improvement over standard shocks. I'm not a track or road star but even I could tell that the bike felt "better". By this I mean more confidence inspiring, the damping was a huge improvement.

    To sum up I was very happy to give my money to FTR in return for 2 Ohlins shocks & springs, a set-up and advice. This was a positive purchasing experience. I have no connection with them other than being a happy customer and if you are considering replacing/altering/tuning your suspension you should give them a call at least. (They do other shocks than Ohlins as well).

    I've done another 100 miles this morning and I am convinced I've spent my money well. SmilieSmilieSmilieSmilieSmilie

    Richard Norris, Reading
    BMW R1200 GS Owner
    Richard Norris BMW R1200GS
  • Ohlins Shock Repair and spring upgrade - BMW R1100 RT

    Just thought we would let you know that the reconditioned Ohlins shock you repaired for us a couple of months ago is working brilliantly. We have just come back from France, Spain and Portugal completing 3,700 miles in 13 days.

    It was the most comfortable ride we have had in all the 20 odd years of riding BMs. We were doing 300, 400, 500 miles a day with only 3 rest days near Almeria in the south. Neither of us had back-ache or shoulders ache at the end of the day.

    Thanks very much indeed for a very good job done!

    Kind regards,

    Phil & Anne Sturgeon, Norwich
    BMW R1100 RT Owners
    Phil Sturgeon BMW R1100RT
  • Ohlins Shock Upgrade & progressive fork springs installation - KAWASAKI ZZ-R 1400
    Went to the FTR open day and got some great advice on how to improve the bike.
    Booked in and had the work done with a Progressive spring set from Yacugar & Ohlins rear shock to my weight (115kgs).

    The guys worked on the bike the whole day and even had to do some fabrication work around the ventura rack system!

    They refunded the Open Day £40 charge and only charged me 4 hours for the work.
    The guys were professional and friendly explaining anything asked. Coffee was supplied for the day and even an offer for lunch if I wanted it.

    Would highly recommend the work they did the bike is completely different to ride! So smooth on the motorways, no more bracing for any little bumps in the road!

    Brett Jones, London
    KAWASAKI ZZ-R 1400 Owner
    Brett Jones Kawasaki ZZR 1400
  • Ohlins Shock Upgrade & progressive fork springs installation - BMW F800 GS

    Just back from my fitting session at FTR (I had to postpone my earlier appointments due to work comittments).What a revelation! Great bunch of guys there, very helpful and obviously passionate about what they are doing.Very confidence inspiring.

    They were happy to incorporate my Indy Unlimited beefed up fitting kit at no extra cost too! smiley
    For anybody contemplating goin this route I have to say I am over the moon with what the guys at FTR have done to my bike.

    The ride and handling have been transformed! The bike handles beautifully.The improvement in ride quality is immediatly apparent as is the sense of improved confidence that the new set up imparts on each and every corner, bump or unforseen pothole!

    Jay Losasso, Devon
    BMW F800 GS Owner
    Jay Losasso BMW F800GS
  • I wanted to thank the professional, knowledgeable and helpful team at FTR for their quick, efficient and good-value service. While I know 125cc's aren't renowned for their suspension or any knee-down antics, my Honda CBR 125's OEM shock was completely finished - and my handling and safety were at risk, not to mention my back! In the space of a mere hour the team had extracted the old unit and both fitted and set up a custom unit I brought along with me, talking me through the process and making sure I was all happy before I left - and I remain so! It's like a totally different bike. I can't say it strongly enough: get FTR to sort all of your suspension needs - you won't be disappointed!
    Graham Rutland Honda CBR 125
  • Matt Everson - Yamaha MT-10
  • Visited today and had a full setup and some heavier springs in my forks.
    My Ducati now turns in nicely yet remains stable at lean.
    Great service from a very friendly and professional company
    Dave Wright - Ducati Panigale
  • So this week me and my brother harry went and had our bikes set up(my set up being my birthday present) mine a Z900 and his MT-07. Had my standard suspension set to me and the difference was noticeable in the 5 or so miles to Finchingfield bike feels more balanced, turns faster now and is holding better in the corners and no longer bounces like a kangaroo at the back end. My brother already having upgrade to k-Tech front and on the back (lucky sod). Had the same effect saying that his bike was now sticking in the corners.

    Great service for both of the technician on the day and when i had ordered spring for my misses ninja 650 back in January.

    Word of mouth has had got a few blokes (in the group i ride with) talking about it and believe one has booked in for his bike to be done too.
    Jack Chavner

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